Cold River Productions

We are a consulting company for image and film production based in Granada, Southern Spain.

Cold River offers you a quality production service within the right budget. Our long experience working with top photographers and advertising companies, makes us the perfect selection for your project.

We take care of all production aspects, from great locations to inspire you, casting, catering, props, transportation, hotels to all legal issues involved, providing all necessary means so you can concentrate on what is most important: to get great images.

We specialize in the production of photo/stills and video, advertising, photo libraries, fashion shoots and documentaries. Fabio Ingala and Fernando Muñoz who both have many years experience in the industry funded the company. Prior to forming the company, Fabio worked production in Cape Town and Fernando in New York and now he owns and runs the company. Our policy is to be hands, but also to enjoy what we do. And uses the uniqueness of what Spain cans offer to provide something different for our clients. We like working closely with you to provide what is needed to make the shoot productive and enjoyable. . We aim to provide new and exciting locations, mostly unexposed, which we are always on the lookout for! With competitive rates, we ensure our client’s needs are met and they leave wanting to come back! We are fluent in Spanish and English and have extensive knowledge of the Andalusia area and of course the sometimes peculiar Spanish ways!

The South of Spain

Because of factors like rural diversity over a short distance, an ideal climate, long hours of daylight, competitive rates, great locations, easy access from mainland Europe and a friendly and helpful local attitude, Southern Spain is again becoming a much sought after destination for film and photo shoots.

Granada, our base, is in the heart of Andalusia allowing easy access to the rest of Southern Spain. The city it self, is a colourful blend of old and new, and its artistic and musical influence is evident everywhere, its Moorish past blends magically with traditional Spanish architecture and of course it is home to the famous Alhambra, its easy to see why its regarded as one of the most beautiful cities in Spain. Although it keeps its provincial appeal, the City is going through a major growth and redevelopment in infrastructure and there are many exciting locations now available. We are working anywhere in the Iberian Peninsula or the world.